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MatchmeZA has profiles of single men and women from all over South Africa, with different characteristics, personalities and attributes – which add to the rainbow nation that South Africa truly is!

Online Dating and Matrimonial  is not an uncommon service these days, studies show that over 40 percent of American men and women use online Matrimonial and Dating services. The percentage is even higher for Asian countries such as India, where online Matrimonial websites are very popular.

Online Matrimonial and Dating is still new in South Africa, but MatchmeZA has been in service since 2009 and have been growing every year! We have created a secure, free online experience where users can message members without the risk of exposing sensitive information. Check below for the types of members who use MatchmeZA

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Yes MatchmeZA approves only profiles that are made by real people in South Africa and some other countries. We have a safe and anonymous service where members can browse and chat with other members without your personal details being shown.

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